Located on the Fylde Coast in Lancashire, Blackpool has been a traditional seaside town in England. Blackpool is known for its Las Vegas-style quality with Arcades and Night Shows to Day Time entertainment; it seems there is something for everyone.

So, take your family, friends, and your special people to visit the traditional coastal town as many generations have done before. Whether you’re looking for luxury or ample accommodation, take a look at Dungraften Holiday Homes.

Our Guide to Visit Blackpool

With the amount of choice for things to do in Blackpool, it can be hard to decide where to begin. Many people are attracted to The Pleasure Beach, which is known for being a fantastic theme park with big rides, most notably The Big One. However, over at the pier, you can find Bingo calling and horse racing on the arcades.

For the days when you may not feel like being out in the classic Blackpool weather, there are facilities such as the Sandcastle Waterpark. The Sandcastle waterpark aims to provide the ultimate indoor experience for slides and pools. There will be plenty to keep the whole family entertained.

Or try something new with a visit over to the Sea Life Centre. The Sea Life Centre in Blackpool comprises huge tanks that support a range of Sea Life so that you may come face-to-face with a shark, or why not get up close and personal with some of the smaller creatures such as starfish and stingrays.

Entertainment Around Blackpool

Any trip to the North-West should only be completed with a visit to The Blackpool Tower. The Tower first opened to the public in 1894 and is an impressive feat. Blackpool Tower has housed some of Britain’s best-loved shows and performances. So, take your family to the Tower Ballroom and experience the same atmosphere where some of the greats have danced. However, if you’re the more daring out of the bunch, The Dungeons may have something in store for you. The Dungeons are the perfect place for laughs, screams, and to learn more about the town’s darker past.

Blackpool is an icon for its fun and exciting experiences for visitors of all ages. With its deep culture and stunning scenery, taking a walk along the promenade can be very relaxing. You can experience some spectacular views of the sea and see some restored heritage or drop by the amusements for something a bit different.

Immerse yourself in the heritage of Blackpool’s entertainment by taking a walk along the famous comedy carpet. The 2200m piece of art is comprised of up to 160,000 granite letters. Each phrase refers to well over a thousand comedians, from the early days of comedy to modern times.

Large Holiday Homes in Blackpool

Having the option to self-cater will allow you to experience all the wonders Blackpool has to offer. If self-catering is not for you, then explore some of the traditional café or local delights. Such as Blackpool Rock or enjoy a bag of chips with some fish. So, enjoy the comfort of your holiday home.

A weekend escape with your friends or family can be a great reason to come to Blackpool. Whatever draws you into Blackpool will surely make you want to stay with all the surrounding entertainment to keep you engaged.

Summary – Get in Touch

If you are looking for large group accommodation for a big team or your entire family with luxury, then Dungraften will have what you want. The spacious design will give you plenty of room and all the amenities you’d expect to have at your own home.

Get booking early so that you can be assured you have a nice place to enjoy your time in Blackpool!

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